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I am working in a biotech company and have an issue. Two colleagues, married to others and one with teenage kids, have had an affair for approximately 2y. It is sort of a public secret, but they have been going about it in his office, dining and sleeping together in town and taking romantic strolls in the city multiple times, so a lot of us have figured it out.

I know that it is non of my beeswax, but it is affecting my respect for the two both personally but, also, professionally and, furthermore, it is now generating an awkward and poisonous work climate, since he has now ended things between them. She left her newly married husband immediately after engaging their affair, while my male colleague didn’t. He wears his wedding ring again and seem happy with everything , while my female colleague sits at work looking depressed.

I don’t know how to navigate here since I am split between being a professional colleague and disgusted on a personal level due to their action. She hurt her husband, sold their house and moved far away to live a dream and he has lied to his wife and kids for a period of almost 2y and gotten away with it. I don’t feel sorry for either of them but their low level of moral affect my opinion not only of them but also professionally, and I fear it might have a negative impact on how I merit their ideas.

Since we are a scientific company testing and discussing new ideas constantly, we need to have a certain degree of trust in and respect for each other and those, for me, has evaporated. How do I separate my professional and personal respect/disrespect here? I love my job and I would be unhappy to quit due to their indiscretion.

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