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Split between two women

I have a huge dilemma in which I have created. I’m in a relationship with my girlfriend of 2 years but after the first 7 months I started to have feelings for a close friend of my girlfriend. Now for the last year things have got a lot more serious where we meet up nearly every weekend to have sex and spend time together but I’m still in a relationship with my girlfriend. The relationship is great in terms of getting along, living together, she has an amazing personality and we have lots fun but there is no intimacy, it feels more like friends to be fair. With the close friend, I am very attracted to her, I want to have sex with her the minute I see her. The question is, when I’m with my girlfriend I feel happy and we do fun things together. When I’m with the close friend, physically we are amazing and have fun here and there. What do I do?

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