Never met his children but he picks fights over them
My partner of two years has two children from a previous marriage. I am yet to meet his children but he has said in the past that he would like me to meet them. He has custody of his children every other weekend and has decided this is not enough so wants to have them every Monday after school, returning them to school on Tuesdays. He told me this and asked my opinion on this whilst we were out queuing to buy tickets at the cinema. I told him it would be good all around if they had extras days as a family and Monday seemed to be the best day as it would not interrupt their activities during the week. We proceeded to get our tickets but I could see that his mood changed. I did not say anything but had an incling it had to do with his children as he often picks fights with me about his children I have never met. He would say I don’t show interest but I ask about and listen to what he tells me about them all the time. After the cinema walking to the car he said that when he asked about him having his children on a Monday (he told me but did not ask opinion,I gave as a normal response) that my tone was flat. I said I disagreed and if he wanted a more indepth conversation there is a time and place with no distractions. He then proceeded to ask if I have a problem with his children and asked what do I think of him having children. This question is asked again after two years???? We tend had a full on argument because I felt attacked for no real reason I don’t have children of my own. We don’t live together but spend a lot of time together, which I hope would be extended to his children spending time with us as a couple but also alone time with their father. It is now a running theme where always pick fights or speaks to me in a tone when the subject involves his children. I can’t seem to be left alone if he feels I have not responded in the way he perceives as the right way to respond when answering questions about his children. I am never negative towards them and I am wondering what life would be like if I did meet them if he acts the way he does. My partner did have a troubled childhood. One aspect is that he does not know his father. I am at a loss. Please advise. Pamela
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Do i need to let go
Ive been seeing a guy for over 6 years now...we met on a dating site, at the beginning he told me he had a friend who is female, i didnt think anything of it, i didnt see alot of him because of his job, he works shifts and it clashed with my work on occasions, after seeing him for 3 months he went on holiday with his female friend, he told me it was booked for a while, again i was ok with it, when i asked to meet this friend he always made excuses, he also invited her to family do's and not me but again made excuses that she was a family friend, after one year passed we had our fair share of arguments about this friend, he again went away with her to the same place they went year before, i contacted her on fb to see what her relationship was with him...expecting her to say they were friends, she wanted to know who i was had i met his family! She saw herself as his partner, after another argument he denied they were a couple, he maintained they were friends, oh i found out they slept in the same bed when they go away but nothing happens, and ive asked her that and she has said they dont do anything but sleep, over the years hes continued to go away with her, when we argue he books to go away with her then blames me, she had to sell her house about 4 years ago and she moved in with this guy im seeing...ive been over and she has her own bedroom, i dont go over much very rarely he comes over to me more, ive met his family and recently went away for 5 days to his brothers with him, hes a fab guy when hes with me and we get on so well....but when he goes home it changes and he says it doesn't it me! Last year id had enough i finished it completely and met someone else he was devestated and pleaded with me to go back and he'd change even promised me we'd get engaged...i finished it with the other guy and went back....he went back on his word and all the promises he made, i even found out he'd been on 2 dating sites, he says he loves me and i believe he does, he went through a bad divorce his wife left him for someone else, and he says he finds it hard to trust...i love him but i just cant cope with his lies i dont know what hes up to when i dont see him, and with his work that can be 21 days before i see him Anyone got advice please
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“Is she playing games with me?”
This post was published by a Click user. Please feel free to respond in the comments below. We sometimes edit posts to ensure Click is a safe, respectful place to share stories and questions. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   I met a wonderful girl two months ago , she is 10 years younger than me and I was over the moon as she is very attractive. I saw her on her day off at the beginning of the week but then, when the weekend arrived, she just disappeared, no texts or anything and when I text her then she telling me to stop annoying her as she got other issues in life , a day before her birthday she told me the first time that she loves me and she said that she will come over to mine so we will be together on her birthday , but then that was weekend , she never came , no texts , nothing at all , few days later she told me she got some personal issues and she is worry about lots of things , she even said that she didn't have drink on her birthday , but I seen photo on her facebook dating on her birthday , she was out , looking rough or drunk , taking pics with some guys cuddling up , not said anything but things goes always the same , when she is with me and drunk she declare her love for me but then she again stop texting and ignoring me , what do I do ? I don't want to loose an angel as she is something so special , never fancied anybody in my life like her but again is she just playing the games with me ??
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