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Finding time for each other

Juggling friends, family and work commitments can leave you and your partner struggling to find time for each other. Check out these tips for a bit of help putting couple time back on the agenda.

Avoid putting too much pressure on each other

As relationships develop, couples who once spent all their time together often need to carve out some independence for themselves.

Don’t take your partner’s need for ‘me time’ as rejection

There will be times when one of you wants to spend time together and the other wants some alone time – it’s not always easy balancing the two, so try to give each other a break.

Reminisce together

Talking about the happy times can remind you  why you fell in love and help you think of ways to recreate the feelings of your most treasured moments.

Try to commit to at least an hour of couple time each week

That’s time without children, friends or family members, when you can focus solely on each other. Put it in your diaries so you can look forward to it, and make it a priority.

Find a babysitter

Or, if you can’t afford one, put the kids to bed and schedule an at-home date night for a little later in the evening.

Keep date nights fun

Don’t bring up the negatives in your relationship on a date night. If there are issues you need to address, save them for a scheduled catch-up where you can focus on overcoming obstacles in your relationship.

Celebrate significant dates

Anniversaries and other significant dates can remind you of the things that first brought you together, and are an opportunity to look at how you’ve grown both as individuals and as a couple. Try to do something special for your partner on these occasions. You don’t need to spend a lot of money; just think of something that’ll put a smile on their face.

Develop time management skills

If you’re struggling to find time to spend with your partner, try to follow these four steps:

  • Plan. Spending 10 minutes thinking about how to maximise your time can save you hours
  • Delegate. If someone can do something for you that will free up time for your relationship, let them
  • Say no. You can’t always do everything
  • Cut back. Too many activities can put strain on your relationship at risk, so try to pick the most important ones

Do some home building

Everyday tasks like decorating, gardening, cooking a meal, or doing the food shopping together can build intimacy – and it gets things done in half the time!

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