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Moving on after cheating gf

I discovered about 2 months ago that my girlfriend of 7 years was talking with another guy. The guy is a coworker with both of us and as I just recently bought into the business and has made work awkward. I found them hugging outside and when confronted my girlfriend told me what was going on. We had our argument and after a few days decided we both still wanted each other and the life we have( we own a home together have all same mutual friends and work together). Now since then I have struggled trusting and it makes it hard when I have to be around the person she cheated with and still watch them communicate when it comes to the job. She has done alot to try and show me that she is invested in us and moving forward and I am trying also I am just struggling to move past it. We have good days then something will upset me or I will read to much into her actions(on her phone texting or walking away to another room to be on phone). I believe she is changing but I don't know how to deal with triggers and ends up with us fighting cause I get upset and feel alone in all of this. I'm not sure how to deal with my feelings and I can't keep fighting with her as it is going to push her away. I know I love her and wanna be with her and feel that she feels same so I just need figure out how to deal with my own issues and don't know where to begin. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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