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"Affair karma?"

I’m embarrassed that at nearly 40 I’m turning to google and the internet for answers but here we are. I’m feeling heartbroken because the guy I’ve been seeing for a few months now has just called an end to things. He lives with his partner and has young two kids. I’m not proud of it but when things began he said he was unhappy and and didn’t think he’d stay. I don’t disbelieve he’s miserable and they live as parents and not much more. He’s called time on things with me because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and thinks the only fair way would be if he was free to begin a relationship. But he feels he should stay for the kids.

I'm questioning everything, including my own self worth and really just wondering if there’s any hope he may make the decision to leave or if I should just try and forget him. I really care for this man and it’s just so painful to think he’s giving up on his own happiness. Am I just getting what I deserve for being a horribly selfish person??

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