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Affair with colleague - I’m married and he’s getting married

So where do I start. It was a flirtatious thing between us. I’m married. He’s getting married next year. I’m unhappy and him he seems to be. We have worked together for 10 months now. It started just after my boss went on mat leave. We got closure as we needed to support each other till one day we ended up admitting we liked each other. since then it’s grown. Started out as messages. Turned into sexting. Till a few weeks ago and the fantasy turned into a reality. We kissed. It was incredible. We were connected. Then we held hands and kissed till before I knew it we were sneaking off to places so we could spend time together and do sexual things to each other. We still sext in between and come separately but save ourselves for each so we can have a good time together and it feels special. I’m blown away from how I feel. I am falling for him and I don’t know why but I feel he is too I’m sure of it. Today I said it had to end one day as he is getting married. He said he didn’t know why it has to end just because of that. And now I’m so much more confused and falling in love with him. What do I do?

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