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Crush or love?

Hi! I’m currently going through what seems like a harmless crush but I feel it could be more. Me and my significant other have been together for 4 years about a year ago we got into a really bad toxic phase where I ended up cheating, say what you want about it I was going through a lot with my mental stablitity and postpartum. We broke up for 6 months and I ended up seeing the man I cheated on him with. He was kind he was gentle he was everything almost too perfect ya know? I decided to go back to my now current boyfriend I missed my family , it’s been a year now and ever since I’ve been back to my “normal” life I can’t help but think about him. I dream about him every night I wake up wondering what do I do? Is it my mind playing tricks on me bc I’m not getting the attention I want out of my boyfriend?

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