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“Love or not?”
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Hi...I meet this guy last year, and he tried meeting up with me multiple times but I avoided him because I didn't really like him that much. But I meet him about last week at a dinner party and he couldn't just stop looking at me, he even came to the table I and My date were sitting on to say Hello. Then he immediately messaged me begging me to be his girlfriend but I declined but promised to meet up with him yesterday and I did.

At his place he was so touchy with me,he making several body contact with me and would have kissed me if I allowed it and show me his phone assuring me that he has no girlfriend and he told me everything I could think of ,then when living he gave me the most amazing hug from behind in public that shocked me.... I have been thinking of him endlessly for weird reasons and also before I forget I have a boyfriend . please what is your advice

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