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“I know crushes are common”

I’ve been stuck in a dilemma for a while and am seeking outside opinions because I have been driving myself insane. I’ve been in a seven-year relationship, we are high school sweethearts so this has been my first and only relationship. Until we hit the two-year mark our relationship was very very toxic - until he decided to cheat and once I found out he begged for forgiveness and became a different person all together helping us make it to where we are today.

I was young, first relationship, so for me I’ve made my share of bad decisions by staying in that relationship but now it’s been so long that’s no longer a valid excuse. Fast forward to now, all these years I met tons of people but never let anyone catch my eye, I felt like I was madly in love, even after all these years we are both still crazy for each other (perfect right?) Out of the blue, I met someone who actually did grab my attention, very unexpected feelings and emotions - we are now friends, but I think we both share these feelings. I won’t act on any feelings, but I’m just confused.

Why did this person grab my attention when to me I was truly happy? Is it wrong that a part of me has a curiosity of what could be since I’ve only known and been in one relationship? I know crushes are common after all we are human, but why am I so interested. There is so much more - but this sums up a little bit of what’s going on. Thank you.

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