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So I started dating a Ukrainian woman at the beginning of October I am 43 and she is 37 and she has a son that is 11, when I first met her son he wanted to go back to Ukraine which she said they couldn’t because they have no idea what they would have.

Then around Thanksgiving we found out she was pregnant. We were in different states at the time visiting family, while visiting family she wanted the baby and have a family. She got back to where we are living (same city) and when she got back she flipped and wanted to get rid of it. We went through it with me not wanting to get rid of the baby, she made her mind up and there was nothing I could have done that would have changed it.

I proposed to her on Dec 15th, because we were going to start a family and I didn’t want her to think I wouldn’t support them. Her son and I bonded which she wanted, while Christmas shopping her son asked about Christmas Lights and was I putting anymore up? I said no, I think I am done for this year and he asked about doing more next year and I said no problem. I told her and she I think got scared because he wasn’t wanting to go back to Ukraine now and enjoying being here.

We talked to an immigration lawyer to find out what the process was because I never did it before. Her and the Lawyer talked in Ukrainian which I think was about green card and if they could go back at some point. The lawyer said when you start the process you cannot go back. I think that scared her as well. We started talking about houses and she wanted a new house (mine is 40 years old and small closets). I told her we could look into it but I couldn’t sell at the moment as the market isn’t very good, but we did look at a couple. Everything was good until New Years and she started having doubts. I thought we worked them out and she said not everything.

I will admit I do suck at communicating with someone (calling and texting). She was going to break up with me the beginning of January but I fought it and worked on communicating with her. She was happy I was doing that and said she wanted US no matter what differences we had. I following Thursday I followed her to watch her drop her son off and pick him up from school and on Friday of MLK day weekend I picked her son up. He was excited to move into my house. Well when she arrived she started walking through my home complaining about dust, closet space, and other things. Well we had a fall out.

The next day I called to talk to her and have open communication and she gave me a bunch of doubts so I broke up with her and took back the ring. I haven’t talked to her in almost 2 weeks. Now I sit here thinking about her all the time, missing her and her son. People tell me I should text her and then other tell me not to. That you did nothing wrong and she needs to call you. I just want advice on what I should do.

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