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"I'm falling for someone else"

I have been in my current relationship for 3 and a half years, I've been living with him for just over 2 years. I am ready to settle and be married and have kids but he is more interested in going out to the club and getting drunk 3 times a week. In all these years he has not shown me one but of commitment. He has never told me he loves me and if I ask him if he does love me then he says he doesn't know. My question to him is how can you not know after more than 3 years? He also never says stuff like one day when we are married or one day when we have kids. I've never had any indication of commitment from him.

I have sacrificed so much for him. I left my job to move in with him and got another job which broke me, I was so passionate about teaching and then I wasn't, so I got another job working 7-5 which made me lose focus on my studies. Then when lockdown came, I lost my job and my partner became super demanding and has started treating me like a kid. There is 8 years between us. His time is limited so I know if I had to end it that I will be find because I am young (23).

Anyway I've come back to my old job to do my practicles and I've met someone else. Nothing has happened between us but I feel this spark and connection. And we have the same interests, teaching kids. Any advice would be great, thanks. Basically should I end it or try make it work? I really do or did love my current boyfriend but I feel like I'm falling out of love because he hasn't shown me any commitment. He also never comforts me when I am upset, he always just says toughen up, or deal with it or you'll get over it.

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