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“He totally changed”
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I’ve met a handsome man, he is really cute. He is in my college and he’s valunteering to teach English so i went to him so he can teach me a little bit English ,and I am deeply in love with him. The first time we talked together it was great! I mean realy great he was looking at me like he really in love with me! and he kept looking and me and like his mind was in defferent place and he kept moving and touching his face and his hair and he was very very shy! And he tried to be nice like he said a lot of beautiful things that off course i would like it! And we had to finish but he said no we have time you can stay.

After that i met him a lot he was just smiling at me and said hi but yesterday i had a tutoring with him again and he was talking about his girl friend!!!! Omg he shoucked me and he totally changed like on the first time he was so shy sooooo shy but yesterday he was not! I do not why but he keeps looking at me every time i saw him i saw him loking at me i do not know what to do, i am sorry i don’t speek good english but i hope that i write good meaning

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