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“Can’t we live happily after marriage?”

I was so happy before marriage. I was a free bird. I could just go out of my house any time, just a start away from my scooter. I ate what I wanted, doesn't matter what is the time, four in the afternoon or nine at night. I was earning my own money and did not rely on anyone. Now after marriage, I had to come here in the USA – the land of opportunities – but I have no work permit, no money.

Every time I have to rely on my husband, whether I want to buy something or eat something. I have a dream to travel the world. My in-laws and even my husband think that I am just wasting his money. He is not aware that I used to shop and eat and spend money a lot more than I do here with him. I was an independent girl. I have done everything I ever wanted with my own money. Also, he thinks now that I am in the USA, I have developed a hobby of traveling. He doesn't know it was my dream.

After all this still, I am trying to save his money by going out for dinner less I don't remember the last time I went to the mall for shopping, and don't remember the last time I spent on online shopping. He has money to send to his family but whenever we discuss it, he always says we are out of money. I am pissed off with his behavior. As a wife, I would want his special attention but I am being treated just like any other person in his life. I don't know now whether I have higher expectations or he is wrong.

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