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“Does he love me?”

I've been dating this guy for four years now. Our relationship was based on commitment and trust. Few years went by and things started changing and we would fight a lot. We would even break up both days after we would fix things. Last year around Easter he officially broke up with me telling me I should move on because it's not working. I didn't take it easy, it was difficult for me to leave him because i loved him. I tried begging him to come back but he insisted and shut me out.

Some time, I called and he then told me he found someone else. I was broken and very bitter. I had all these thoughts and I even lost some kilos. The silence went on for about eight months. I tried to move on but my relationships wouldn't even last a week because everything around me reminded me of him. It was hard to let go.

Early this year we got in contact (I texted to wish him a happy new year) and he responded. I saw he was interested in having a conversation with me and I kept it going, forgetting he has someone. He asked to meet up. I went there with a different mentality of us just being friends but he wanted more. He told me he missed me and would like to try again because he can't let go. At first I was shocked but days passed and he awakened my feelings for him that I tried to bury.

This other night I decided to call and he told me not to ever call at night, very sad, and not understanding I called again. He then broke the news that he moved in with the new girlfriend. I didn't take it well. It really drained me. I couldn't sleep nor eat for a couple of days trying to digest everything. He asked to see me again because I love him. I went and he told me how much he wants to spend time with me and how much he loves me. I asked him, "What about the other woman?" He told me that "It's complicated, I wont understand but everything will be fine soon."

This guy and I have been through a lot before and I know the type of person he is but as for his love for me I'm not sure. I love him very much and he's all I think of day in day out. Could I be the replacement or is he avoiding troubles at home with me? Am I the sex partner or what?

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