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She feels we have different values

Hi All, I really need some quick advice on this; I’ve been seeing my partner now for 8 months now things have been going good and we see each other quite often (sometimes during the week but mainly spend time with each other on weekends) we have spoken about many elements of moving forward together like moving in together and also having a family this even goes as far as discussing children names which she came up with the idea of some names from her heritage (half Greek), our backgrounds are of different were she was privately educated and myself being in some of the better state schools which I felt might be an issue to her or her family as she earns a great amount more than me.

We have progressed the relationship by going on some domestic vacations and now booking to go away in October this year also being introduced to family and friends, on many occasions she’s told me that she loves me and that I’m the best guy she’s been with by a clear mile! And also never planned to have kids with any of her past relationships apart from me and never even discussed things with them like how she has with me.

With all this said we do have some indifferences which we debated on a few occasions such as medical values to having a vaccine for the current Covid virus which I’m currently not comfortable to take due to my medical conditions. Just a couple nights ago we were due to go away for 3 nights but the night before she asked if we can talk, on arrival she told me that she’s not sure that the relationship was working out and that she feels like we have different values which would effect us in the long run and has a gut feeling of this.

When I asked what these was I was told again that she was worried that I didn’t take my medical condition seriously and that also she is scared to have kids etc she then also mentioned this whole naming kids again and that she didn’t want to name them anything like we agreed on (wants to give kids English names where we agreed on Greek) which confused me a lot as these were all her ideas. She also said that as I don’t eat pork, bacon etc she felt that it wasn’t something that she was comfortable with and didn’t want to feel that she had to stop eating this which was something that again she said at the beginning of the relationship that she wasn’t fussed about eating or continuing with.

I told her all these things mentioned were all things that she had told me she was ok with given the fact it was all really her ideas and thoughts I told her that I was not happy with all this and confronted her a little before I decided to leave her place even though she said to me that she still loves me and that she doesn’t know what to do and feels like she regrets saying these things to me and said maybe she just needs time because these were on her mind for a while even though we only recently booked our tickets to go on vacation last week.

It’s now been two days and I’ve not heard a single thing which tbh I thought I would of atleast got a text the night I left asking if I got home alright but so far nothing! She still has a profile pic of us on her WhatsApp but has been totally inactive on social media and I’m now getting worried for her well-being even with everything she said! Please help me!!

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