“Sexually frustrated”
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My partner and I have a great relationship; got engaged late last Fall and are planning a wedding sometime next year. We both live in separate houses, but would like to live together to save on expenses. I'm retired, but she is still working, so we only see each other, mostly on the weekends, and Sunday seems to be the day she has picked out to make love, usually at my house because my bed is more comfortable, & a larger play surface, King size bed.

Sometimes, I surprise her by showing up to her house, before she gets home from work, with dinner already made, only to find out that she is too tired to have sex. So, I end up just having dinner, watch a little TV, then head home. She always teases me & asks that I come upstairs & tuck her in, when she fully knows I can't spend the night, because I have a 13 year old dog at home, that has to be taken care of.

My question is: How can I spice up our sex life to meet both of our needs?

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