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“Haven't had sex in two months”

Hello. New to the group here... We have been together 12 years. My husband says he is very much attracted to me, and basically wants no other. Our sex life was very good. Porn not an issue, toys not an issue, exploring not an issue. But he has not had an interest in sex in at least two months.

I have mentioned it to him. I have said I miss having sex with him. I am a very sexual person. We have had relationship issues in past, but I believed we were past it. Apparently not enough as it has now affected our sex life. He drives trucks and yes I am with him in the truck 24/7, but I do go home every four weeks to handle appointments.

He is not one to be a cheater or even consider cheating. I am truly his world and his true love. I just would really like us to have our sex life back. I have even gone to the point of telling him I have my vibrator with me in the showers these days and its not an issue for him where as in the past it would have been.

I have lost weight. I am not a big girl, I am a medium-sized person. I am attractive, so far to say, yes, sexually looking. Just he has no magnetism towards me, and I remember so long ago when we first met, he had his ex-wife living with him, and they were not sexual. That is how I feel at this point. We live together, sleep side by side, and have no sexual contact. But he says he will never be without me. I so desperately want our sex life back. I am a very sexual person and need want my husband. HELP. I'm at a loss here.

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