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Partner emotionally shuts down

I need some outside advice, my partner (23) and I (32) have been together since aug.2021. we almost never have any issues or disagreements and communicate a lot especially since we are currently long distance. he does have ptsd, a SA survivor, there have been times were he gets overly stressed, tired of overthinks a situation and will completely shut down emotionally. he will get very distant and constantly have a attitude and be rude when he's like this. I've cried a few times because he will not say I love you or tries to leave when he's in the moods and honestly treats me like I did something wrong when I didn't.

I don't know how to help him through the episode's because if I tell him how he makes me feel emotionally he says I it makes him feel guilty and like a piece of crap but if I try to give him. space he gets more upset. I have traveled to him multiple times , recently Christmas and he actually shut down on me that night because I was on my phone with my daughter when I was supposed to be eating dinner with his family. it was probably one of the worse arguments we have had. I just don't know what I can do, we just got engaged as well and planning for him to move in but now I'm worried .

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