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“Stuck in a box”

I have dated my boyfriend for almost four years now. We are 25 years old. He has not yet proposed and I am frustrated about that. He says the reason why is because we're not financially stable yet. He also mentions that there are higher divorce rates the younger someone marries. Which I totally understand, but in my mind, I see it as no matter the circumstance, why doesn't he put all of that aside and show me how serious he is about me and propose to me.

He is currently building a career for himself, opening up his own business while I am still in school. We don't live together yet because when I am resuming my intense two-year college degree program. Soon I will not be holding down a job for two years because it is an intense program, while again, where both building our lives.

Would you advise me to have a serious talk with him that if by the end of 2020 if he doesn't propose than I'll have to part my ways and end our relationship? At the end of year 2020, we will be a couple months away from our sixth year relationship anniversary. I don't want to waste my time and wait for years and years on end.

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