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“Admitted my affair, is my marriage over?”

Hi, I had an affair that lasted two months.

I had an affair due to my marriage becoming on sided and I was becoming a single parent even though I was married. I told my husband about the affair and he says there are worse things I could of done. Now 5 months down the line I still get jibes, comments, put downs and controlled over due to my affair. I can understand a mixture of emotions on my husbands part but it is driving a wedge between us.

I have done everything he says to try and rebuild our relationship but anything I do or say is not good enough. Even my youngest child has asked daddy not to be mean to mummy. What do I do? I accept I may be getting my just desserts so to speak but I am running out of ideas now.

My husband refuses to see a marriage counsellor and is very defensive when I re suggest this. Please help.

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