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“Am I being used? Please help”

Can anyone shed advice If im being used / taken advantage of… I met this girl at my job, she’s a single mom with two small kids who was in the store shopping one day and just flat out gave me her number when I asked if she needed help out to her car with her items. She has two small kids, fled an abusive and violent husband from out of state and is currently living with old family friends, and… is a recovering heroin addict.

Now the people she lives with always have her running errons and doing things for them non stop, shes a busy lady, and being a single mom with two kids I get she has little time. But it seems the only real time we get is when she comes into the store and goes on a shopping spree for clothes and stuff. I know its my fault for buying the stuff, but it seems to make her so happy cause of the horrible past she has, and she has said that no other guy before has ever been this nice to her, they would sit on the sofa and tell her to do things her self, wouldn’t help her out with nothing, abused her, the whole nine yards, so she enjoys when I treat her in my words “like a queen”

But that seems to be the problem.. that’s all we ever do…. She calls me a lot on the phone just to talk…. But getting togeather like a boyfriend and girlfriend should… shes always too busy with the kids, running the familys chores and she cant tell anyone about me because this family will question her to death and she doesn’t feel like dealing with it or the chance they would kick her out. They always think she will relapse and monitor her like a hawk… open her mail, give her random drug tests, just in my mind treat her like a slave and abuse the shit out of her, but due to her small kids and past with bad guys, she s afraid to take me up on my offer to move in with me….

But to the point…. Every time we see each other its at my job and usually racks me up about 40-80 $ worth of clothes. I get told by friends all the time “hey bro she’s using you” and “she s only with you for your money” I have those feelings sometimes too, and have brought it up, and she gets upset and says its not true but if u think it is then break up with me or ill be with you but don’t ever spend another nickle on me, and I feel bad, and it seems to just go back to the way things were.

She calls me like 10 times a days and we talk about everything. We say I love you to each other and talk about a future… she says shes going threw medical issues that she wants to keep to herself for now so when I bring up sex its usually shot right down, but she does kiss me a lot…. The sex stuff I can believe, im not gonna force the issue, its just…. I wanted to get some ones opinion on the matter that’s involved…. I love this girl to death and I no being a single mom with 2 kids would give her like zero time and im greatful for the time i do get, but if she was really in love with me like i was her, wouldnt she be able to free up time for a movie or time to just sit with me and talk. its always at my work when im working and i dont no.........

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