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"Social media privacy"

My husband’s ex posted their wedding picture in a video. He's asked her to remove his pictures from the video because he feels it is just inappropriate for it to be on public social media. It's been taken 30 years ago and they have been separated and divorces for 13 years. She left for another man and is common law with him for 13 years now. Almost longer than they have been together. There are 6 people in this photo 3 have passed away, he's is divorced from her and the only to surviving are her and her dad. This is done with motive, it’s an act of spite because he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. The kicker is she posted it publicly on social media for him to see and not privately for friends and fam. He has written to her and asked to remove that photo from the video and to not post any pictures of him on Public Social Media. If he would have known this 13 years ago, he would have made it part of his separation agreement. Times are changing new laws must be made to protect people’s privacy rights. we are not an item, property or dogs... we are people who have rights and feelings and it should be respected! What does everyone think about this?

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