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"Should I follow my mind or heart?"

Hello there I will be so happy by reading your comments and ideas to what to do. Since the first year at college there was a very nice and attractive boy in my class thad i had crush on him since day one but I didn’t want to think about him because im that type of girl who will not show my feelings for anyone untill they have for me and show it to me, and he was that type of boy who wasnt talked to any girl and didnt stay in university after the lecture - starught forward he goes to home and 4 years in university i dont believe that he talked 4 sentences to any girl.

Years passed by untill the last year , year by year i was more in love with him but didnt let my self to show it for him. Sometimes i got very sad that he doesnt know anything about my feelings , and he was just looking at nice girls with a smile only not more i was one of them who he sometimes looked at me and smiles at me , (but i wasnt the only one who got his smile ) :D

Anyways last year of my university another boy in my class asked for a relationship with me. At first i never thought of him someday that we will be a lover but he tried so much and i needed him to pass in my last year it was very difficult my department so he was very clever i was agreed just because to pass and somehow fall in love with him. So now i’m with this boy he is not my type that i want , and we fight too much about little things because our mindset somehow not near , but at the same time i can not leave him because he loves me so much and do everything that i like and want.

But i dont know i should follow my mind or heart my heart needs another boy but he is still doesnt show up anything i dont know if he has feelings for me or not it has been 4 year in university he doesnt show anything and it has been one year passed after graduation he just sent me a friend request on facebook for me and another 2 girl in our class , but my boyfriend knew that he is so handsome he got jealous on me and asked my to delete him on fb after so many fights i deleted him.

So I’m really confused what should i do ... i really love him but i will never show my feelings for him because this is not my habit and im scared if he refuse me i will be die ... and my boyfriend our mindsets in something is not so near but i convinced my self that its better to be with a guy who love u more than you love him .... so im now so confused what is the right thing to do , should i continue to be with my boyfriend ? Or what ...?

I will be happy reading your advices and comments -sorry english is not my mother language if there is any mistake in my grammar

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