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“My wife constantly WhatsApps other men”

My wife has been constantly on her phone messaging other men for about three years now, 8 to 12 hours a day. It all started when she joined a game called coin master. She got involved in the groups via Facebook - her phone was going off every second of the day. We have two kids, boy 5 and girl 3.

She started receiving a lot of WhatsApps and talking to men mainly about the game (she said). She was receiving calls in the morning and in the evening and said they were her friends and I should stop going on at her even though she was neglecting the kids. We went on a two-week holiday beginning of August 2019, she was on her phone constantly then a week when we got back - she said she had been invited to a coin master group party. I was very suspicious but in the end I said yes. It wasn't till January 2020 I decided to check her phone (wrong I know). I discovered she had cheated on me twice using party as excuse. I was very hurt and felt so bad as I just didn't know what to believe. We managed to sort it out and move on for a while. She deleted the game and got rid of Facebook.

March 2020 she started playing Mafia City and again has not only handed out her number to people all around the world but been receiving dirty pics and possibly landed herself in debt as she has been using her credit card to play this game. When I confront her, she says its none of my business and I can pack my stuff and get out. She has a terrible temper. I've tried to help her to tell me about money lost which is about 8 grand and she claims it's fraud which she won't act on. It's too suspicious as it's apple .com. This time it's worse - texting and playing all through the day and night, does nothing for the kids, rarely speaks to any of us, just smirks at her phone screen. I cant leave as I'm worried for the kids. If she gets them they will not get anything or go out anywhere. She can't even wash their clothes as she's on the phone, or do any of their school stuff. I do everything for them.

I've never seen phone addiction so bad. These social media and games can be very dangerous in the wrong hands people, prey on the weak. She even has told people that I attack her to get sympathy or just attention. I'm so lost. I really don't know what to do in this situation. She's becoming so dangerous and will run this family into the ground by end of the year. Any advice?

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