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“He is following trans women on social media”

I’m 47 years old and been with my bf on/off for four years. I discovered he’s been following and commenting on social media with transgender women. I first found out in 2017. I confronted him about this and he told me it was for business.

Before I go on I must explain. He’s been in jail for eight years. He went in when he was 17 and released when he was 24. He grew up like a typical teenage boy raised in the projects. I’m from West Indian ancestry and I was raised by strict West Indian parents. I’m not savvy with the street life. So when I saw this post I asked him about this again in 2019. Well, he again said it was a business relationship.

We had broken up from Nov 2019-mid February 2020. At this present time I discovered he’s still following this person AFTER I confronted him and told him it’s a man. Well I just found another transgender male FOLLOWING my BF. My woman instincts tells me he’s bisexual and of course when I asked that he denied that also. I made him unfollow the first person and since then I noticed he’s been different sexually. Am I correct with my instincts?

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