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“She abandoned me while I was sick”

We have seriously dated four months. Neither serial daters. Both professed our deep love to each other. I will do anything for her and have done so. I'm all in. I am getting the impression that I love her more than she loves me. Case in point yesterday I awake sick but still have to get my kids out the door (single Dad). So here is our text conversation over the day. Anyone else see red flags in the caring and sacrifice areas? I can promise...a team of wild horses could not have kept me from caring for her however she wished. I'm hurt and confused.

  • 6:17am I told you I awoke sick. Flu-like aches and sore throat. 
  • 10:36am You ask me if I want you to come over.
  • 10:41am I say yes please come over
  • 12:32pm You say that you need to get through a little bit more work (from home, flexible)
  • 2:56pm You say "Honey- I love you sooo much and I can't wait to you as soon as possible!"
  • 3:24pm You asked me about my plans for tomorrow (Me thinking- I am getting the distinct impression you're not coming over but still you don't say this)
  • 3:37pm I asked if you were coming over
  • 3:39pm You say no that you have other plans (workout and weekly dinner/wine with friends) and don't have time now.
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