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“I'm a single mom and my love life sucks”
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I've been single for 5 years almost going to 6 i'm a single mom to a awesome boy. But my love life sucks so bad. I have so much love to give and no one to give to meaning a partner. I've been doing the online dating thing with okay results met some nice guys but at the end they just stop talking to me, Ghost out on me meaning wont show up to the date (hurtful) and never hearing from them again, then i had one who we talked for 3 months and just turned out to be so meannnn and calling me weird and wishing the next guy who puts up with me luck, WHY? what am i doing so wrong? I'm down to earth, i don't do the texting constantly or calling plus now a days people don't talk on the phone i give people their personal space i understand boundaries so why the mean comments. I know god has a plan for me and i shouldn't rush things just idk what's going on.

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