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"Falling in love quickly"

I met someone in a chatroom that I was in. He lives states away. I had no intention on meeting someone. However we just clicked. Continued our conversation in private. Within hours he gave me his phone number. Normally I am very hesitate about contacting people online. But I had no hesitation.

We talked on the phone for a long time. Then continued at night and talked for 4 hours. Nothing really sexual. Just chatting. Then the next day we talked for a total of 8 hours.We text and talked on the phone all weekend. Our connection was so incredibly strong. And by day three he told me he loved me. I felt the same.

We both were done with relationships before we met. I am a single mom. Haven’t had an official boyfriend in ten years. It’s hard to explain our connection and everything we’ve talked about however he was a player and admitted that opening before we got serious. He says I made him a one woman man. He wants to marry me and have kids. He has talked to my daughter.

Another thing I’m very hesitant and protective about but had no hesitation with him. We’ve had fights because I feel like this is too good to be true. We haven’t met. I’m going to see him in April. I was supposed to in February but we got into a fight. He plans on moving to me in a couple months. I’d prefer he wait until we meet in person anyway. We text, talk on phone and FaceTime often so I don’t think it’ll be much different but it could be. He knows I’m insecure and it makes it ten times worse since he’s far away. He’s constantly reassuring me I’m it for him. He’s found the one. And I feel the same and have pulled back in sharing my insecurities.

There’s wonderful feelings I have for him but also feelings of distrust I have for him. This is kind of all over the place but I’ve wanted to give some background. My question is...Can people fall in love in three days and have a lasting relationship? It’s almost a fairytale. The night he entered the chat I was asleep and the next morning I was busy at work. I hopped on on my lunch break and he said he wanted to get to know me immediately. And he said before I entered the chat he almost left but there was a fellow military man in there he felt bad for and kept talking to him. So we almost missed each other which makes it even more crazy.

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