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“My ex left my because of her insecurities”

I am a woman who fell in love with another woman a year and a half ago. She was married to a man with 3 children. She left her husband for me and we were in love. I still am very much in love with her. During our relationship she began to develope fears regarding people knowing about our relationship. Her mother found out and was not supportive of our relationship she doesn't agree with gay people.

My girlfriends husband is a horrible person who knew later on after the split that there was something going on between us and he has said and done horrible things to me. He still has not confronted my girlfriend about me and constantly trys to win her back. When the children see him they tell him about me and because of this he began to punish because they enjoyed me being around although they only know of me as being there mothers 'friend'.

My girlfriend is wrapped with guilt regarding breaking up her family home and fears her children fjnding out about our relationship in fear they will hate her and that they will suffer at school etc because of this and her husband hurting them because of their relationship they had with me. We have rowed so many times regarding her insecurities as everyrime she gets scared ahe dumps me. She wont talk she just dumps me and says she can give me what i need in life because of this.

She told me that she still loves me just the same but she cant have a normal relationship that i deserve. When she finished with me (all in texts) i said some horrible things to her and she blocked all contact with me and i havent heard from her since. It has been a week and i feel like im dying inside. I love her and want my life with her and i feel like im being punished for being a woman. Im hurting so much and dont know what to do.

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