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"I'm OK with her having sex with him"

My wife and I are both retired and 60. No children as we met and married 15 years ago. My wife has always owned her home and I rented. Since the retirement we sold up and downsized to a smaller place in a tiny village. This was last Christmas and the place needed doing up so I have been very busy. My wife is not handy or does she enjoy DIY but that is fine. To get to know the community she joined lots of local groups. Gardening and a reading one. This I encouraged and she has made some great friends.

One of her friends is an older man whose wife needs care due to her suffering from dementia. He has daily carers who help and even has overnighters when required. He is of a similar background to my wife both politically and intellectually. Both ex teachers. I was a manual worker and have no interests on those fronts but that is not a problem for me. I enjoy that my wife is happy.

When we met, my wife had not been in a great place due to a previous relationship and I was working on a building she was working in. I would cheer her up and plucked up the courage to ask her out! She accepted and I was ecstatic. I have little experience with relationships and as strange as it might be have hardly any sexual history. That has blighted my life as for some reason sex is not for me! Never has and that is still the case.

So my wife and her friend are having a sexual relationship or I am fairly sure they are! He used to visit here and have the odd meal and share a bottle of wine but has not been for some months. Instead my wife visits him during the day. The reason being he can't leave his wife! But I have seen then about holding hands and kissing! She is wearing new clothes and more feminine shoes of late!

The issue is I don't want to lose her and I am ok with her having sex with him. I have to talk to her but how?

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