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We like each other, but he has a girlfriend

I need some advice here. There’s this guy at work, and I like him. We started talking, then I found out that he has a girlfriend, so I stopped talking, but was being professional with him. After about a month, he texted me out of the blue, and asked if I was ok. I got sick prior to that text. We got talking, and he confessed that he likes me, and that his relationship with his girlfriend isn’t going anywhere, but he doesn’t want to break her heart, by breaking up with her. He’s waiting for her to break up with him.

I admit, it was my mistake to reciprocate his flirty text messages, but I just liked him too much to care beyond this point.

We’ve never went out on a date, it was all texting. I hardly see him anyways, since he’s in a different building. Every time we made plans, it’s either one of us who can’t make it. There was this one time when I told him, that I can’t do this anymore, he told me to stay, and not leave him. He claims that he loves me, and he’s not going to force me to say it back, and he’s willing to wait.

I was ready to just go over his place to hang, but he texted me saying that he can’t talk and that his girlfriend came over out of the blue. Despite not knowing what are we, I felt so hurt. What should I do? Me and my idiot heart is falling hard for him.

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