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“In love with a girl who has a boyfriend”

I met this girl through a friend of mine and she was amazing. Of course she was hot so I instantly fell in love. We started talking and we eventually traded phone numbers and we have been FaceTiming every day all day for a week. She says she loves me and she smiles every time she sees me and I do the same. We hit it off pretty well but the only problem is that she has a boyfriend that she has been with for three years. She has cheated on him with me and she has told me that she has cheated on him in the past once as well. I simply don’t know what to do because I’m getting hurt every time they spend time with each other and also I’m getting hurt knowing that she has feelings for me and she loves me and I can tell but yet she’s not mine. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts of what I should do?

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