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Am I wrong about emotional affair?

So I found out recently that my fiancé has been having an emotional affair. Why do I classify it as that?

1. He told her all info about our relationship, good, bad, past, present
2. He lied who he was hanging out with
3. He was messaging her while at work and sending pictures (I never got)
4. Told her she was his go to
5. Said he trusted her with his whole being and sent a picture of himself laying in bed no shirt on (I never got that)
6. He told her she was sexy asf
7. Told her my complete medical history
8. Cried when I told him to remove her from his fb
9. Still texts and calls on cell
10. Says I am overreacting
11. I was sick and could not go out to a funeral, found out she was there and they were arm in arm and he introduced her as his bf but I never knew about her.

So my question is with all of this am I wrong to feel betrayed, hurt and that the trust has been broken? He is still very defensive about her and has no care about how I feel as I am overreacting, they are just friends.

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