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My untold love

Hii I'm currently a 18 year old girl. This story starts in my 11th standard. I had shifted to this new school so everything was new for me except that my very old friend was with me. It was fun for many months getting to know others and making friends.

As I was in 11th standard I went to maths tuition. There I met this guy who was gonna be my first love. I didn't feel anything at first. We started to talk little by little and get to know each other. He always used to test me to ask if I would go to tuition or not. And used to inform me when he would not come. Our friendship grew we got to know each other more and that's how I fell for him. I used to think maybe he felt the same but until when he told me one day that he proposed to a girl who used to like him years back. My heart shattered hearing those words. I was happy for him as he would get someone better than me. Someone who has known him for years and me who met him for just months. I showed him as if it didn't affect me.

He left the tuition. At school, although he was in different sections he used to be absent very much and rarely came to school. I thought this was the time to get over and start seeing someone but later I knew that I still felt for him. Now I'm writing this as I met him again my all these years of memory came back. I'm still in love with him. I don't know why. Sometimes I feel I should confess to him but I feel like it would make things more complicated. I just hope my first love will remember me sometimes. I hope you will always be happy.

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