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I still love / have feelings for my LDR ex

Since the breakup, me and my ex offered to be friends. I had no choice but to accept it, well i didnt want her to be completely out of my life that's why. She wouldn't reveal her feelings after our mutual split. We only talked once after the breakup and it was a positive and fun talk, i teased her abit. I'm trying to cut contact again because if i keep talking to her i would feel like i am permanently "friendzoned"  but i still have feelings for her, and my relationship was a LDR. I obviously don't want to be her emotional dumping ground or hear about her talking about her future boyfriend.

She's been sending positively mixed signals to me like love-hearting my messages and send me few love emojis.

Is it a good idea to reach out sometimes? As in stop talking for couple months or more? Is it a good idea to say happy birthday and etc?

I've deactivated my facebook (not mainly because of her but i've been busy these days) and i've muted her future post and stories. Still have her on messenger.

Do i have the chance? I promised her that i would see her if international borders are open. I still love her so much. She said she will waiting and be looking forward to meet each other. I was thinking about meeting her, have fun and go out and reveal my feelings later on.

Is there any good stories about exes being friends and start dating again? I know it's sound nearly impossible but i hope that really happens and i want to beat the odds.

Any questions, advices, criticism is appreciated.

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