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“Lying about his financial situation”

I'm a 23-year-old law student working as a paid legal intern, he's a 27-year-old businessman. We've met through an online dating site and have been together for a year now. I have no love left for him anymore as I'm starting to resent him for lying to me about his financial situation. At the beginning when we started dating, I assumed he had a steady income and financial stability. We talked briefly about his line of work, since it was relatively obscure, and I didn't probe much into the matter about how his business is doing.

Four months into the relationship, I noticed changes in his behavior when it came to going out or eating out – he suddenly started complaining about how much we were spending weekly, even though it was much less than what we'd spent in the early stages of our relationship, and started talking about the financial hardships he went through to make the point that I should be grateful and appreciative over being taken out for brunch.

I was really shocked at this since he never acted like this in the beginning. After I talked to him about this, he admitted he has no yearly income and is living off his savings until his business settlement is cleared (he has no idea when it'll be cleared). He had initially bragged to me about his ample savings account and now he claims he actually only has one tenth of that!

To make matters worse, he has pending child support payments to an ex who he had a child with. (I was also not made aware of his out-of-wedlock kid when I met him. I've only recently found out about it by accident when he left an old birthday card addressed to his daughter on the dinner table.) I feel so betrayed and angry, I just felt the need to vent. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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