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“Dealing with my spoiled girlfriend”

We've been together for 1.5 years (both 18) and it might be over soon. She was brought up ridiculously pampered and spoiled by her wealthy parents. She’s never had a job or had to work for anything and has enjoyed being handed things on a silver platter. I’m well off as well but I never had anything handed to me, I have a job, and spend sensibly.

Basically every weekend she’ll come over and we’ll go to the mall where it’s mandatory to buy her whatever she wants. If I don't she pouts and makes me feel horrible. Sometimes she’ll ask nicely or suck up but other times she’ll just hold out her hand and say, “Sweetie, money”. Since I want to be nice (and admittedly a doormat), I give in. It makes me mad though when she throws in little comments like, “You’re like a little piggy bank” or when we’re with her friends she’ll tell them how “well trained” she has me (that one made me sick). Or, what she used to do until she finally quit was I would give her the money or credit card and she would pat me on the head like a dog and say, “That's a good boy. Give me a kiss”.

I’ve always enjoyed things like going on drives, walks, movies, reading (you can’t read as a couple but still) etc. I’ve asked her before why she doesn’t reciprocate (other than xmas and birthday) and she’ll tell me, “Girlfriends don’t spoil boyfriends”. If we’re not shopping we’re with her friends showing off the things I bought her. If I break up with her, she will go around the school lying about me and bashing me. Do I take that risk and dump her? My family says dump her.

And to make matters worse, she's excellent in bed, and if I break it off then...

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