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“Lazy, unemployed partner”

My partner (28) and I (22) have just moved in together, whilst also moving 150 miles away from my family. He has no connection to his family. We have been in the new area for three months, and together for three years. My partner still has no job. We are currently renting and my income pays for everything (barely). However I have recently sustained an injury resulting in me being off work for two months, and without anything to do. We are barely covering costs, and if it weren't for my car being written off a few weeks ago, we would not be able to meet our bills for the next two months.

I have asked him on several occasions when he plans to get a job, and the short response I receive is "I've done a few applications today, but I don't want to do any more". I ask him if he is going to go to the agencies that are local and his response is "at some point". At the moment I am becoming increasingly stressed and anxious that he will not be paying his way. He sits on his laptop all day watching videos on YouTube and playing games. Very rarely does he take an interest in what I am doing nor seems to be making an effort to amount to anything.

I have on several occasions tried talking to him about the money situation and that I cannot afford to support us both, but then I get calls from lawyers saying otherwise (from my car accident and a personal injury claim). I don't know what to do, or even to raise the topic again as I only receive coldness and short blunt answers in return. Any advice?

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