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“Message on my husband's phone”

I have been in a loving and wonderful marriage for 7 years and been together with my husband for 13 years now. We have 3 amazing children, one is under 14 months old. My husbands work takes him on tour.

I was turning some music on spotify on my husbands phone recently when I saw a WhatsApp message from a girl called x saying 'happy sunday gorgeous'. I told my husband straight away I had seen it. He looked guilty and said oh that's a girl called 'xx' who we both studied with and I remember her being a little bit obsessive over my then boyfriend. I just assumed he was telling the truth.

He has since been very protective over his phone and snaps if I go anywhere near it... I have recently discovered by looking at x's profile picture that it definitely not the girl from our college days and a new person he has clearly taken the mobile number of while he has been away working. I feel like we have/had a great relationship and wondering why he feels the need to take the mobile number of another women and then lie about it. Feel a bit concerned.

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