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My partner doesn’t feel right when it comes to intimacy

My boyfriend and I (both 19 yrs old) have been together for 3 years. At the start of last year, we went through a few bumps in our relationship when another girl came around claiming to not want a sexual relationship in any way with my boyfriend, but then flirted with him and they ended up having a sexual relationship for a week or so. We ended up getting back together when he called it off with her, but ever since then he hasn’t been very intimate with me, e.g. doesn’t really like kissing, calling me pretty or whatever, but the big one is he doesn’t like to have sex very often.

We went from having sex nearly every night, to about 3-4 times a month. I questioned him about it and his response was “it doesn’t feel right to be intimate” I asked him to explain a bit more and he said he feels fine hugging me and telling me he loves me, but he said “it doesn’t feel right to have sex” and he “doesn’t see me in that way”. I asked him if it would be better off if we broke up, but he told me he doesn’t want to because he loves me and he still wants me to be his girlfriend. He also said he doesn’t know if it’s just a ‘him’ thing, but he knows he doesn’t want to break up with me.

When we do have sex and when he initiates it he feels like it’s right, but when I try initiate sex he feels like it isn’t right. He also said he finds it hard to call me pretty or to kiss me. I literally don’t know what to do because he tells me he loves me and doesn’t want to break up, but he just feels like it isn’t right to be intimate with me because he doesn’t see me in that way. Can someone please try help???

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