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“Should I continue to see her?”

Hello everyone, I have never posted anything like this, nor have I thought about reaching out to anyone beyond my family an friends. However, I feel like it would be good to get some advice from this community. First, a bit of background. My girlfriend and I have been going out for over two years now and we met in high-school.

We are both 19, in post-secondary education and living at our parents' house. These last two years have been amazing with her because I have never loved someone as much as I do her, and we have brought so much happiness into each others' lives. Anyways, its isn't all sunshine and rainbows. We fight. About the same problems over again and it has led to her doubting the existence of the relationship.

There have been six major "doubts" over the course of two years where a minor break in the form of a "cold-shoulder" for a few days, or an actual relationship "break" would occur for longer. On February 12th, she actually broke up with me. Told me it was over because of the same problems I have heard so many times:

I occasionally act "too immature" and "annoying". This led her to breaking up with me and suggest we be strictly be friends. A week later of being not distant friends, she wants to get back together because i quote: "[I] am the only thing that makes her happy". She hates being just friends and I hate being tossed around from dating, to a break, to back to dating, to back to a break. I need some advice on what do to because

1) it is so hard to say no and disappoint her (because she is a crier), and
2) I want a healthy relationship and I am not sure how healthy an on-off relationship is.

Thank you so much!! Please ask lots of questions to clarify anything and let me know what I should do! So far I have told her I need time to think about getting back together. I AM TORN AHH.

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