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“Where is this relationship headed?”

So I met this guy online and he lives about 2 hours away from where I live, We've been talking for 3 months now I've made the first move to call him on the on the phone twice and he hasn't done his part in calling me idk what's the big deal is before cell phones before all this texting people spoke on the phone , don't get me wrong i like texting myself but if you like someone don't you want to hear their voice ?

oh yea! we haven't met yet every time we were suppose to meet something would happen on his part or on mine i have a son and he knows this and said he was okay with it so the 1st time we couldn't meet because my son father cancelled on my son so i had no one to take care of my son (i'm a single mom with no sitter no one to relay on) and then the next time we were suppose to meet his parents went out on a vacation cruse and had to dog sit and i said why don't you bring your dog he said she was an old dog and couldn't handle the long drive i wouldn't know bc i don't have a pet dog so i was pretty sad about that, so fast forwarding time....

Well it was all great at the start the whole good morning, my love , the i wish i was with you right now and all those sweet things you want to hear ... So it's been 2 weeks now and I've notice some change . He went on a job training for a week and in that week he wouldn't txt me good morning he will txt me after he was done okay that's fine no biggie but forwarding to this Monday i asked him a question and asked him... " has your feelings changed for me " H- "Yea i think they have " M-"In what way''? H- "idk they just changed" M- (his name) Have the feelings changed to less or more? H- "They are the same but different".

Easy question right? it's a Yes or No more or less type of question isn't it? M-"okay so if i came to you and said (his name) Yes my feelings have changed for you but not really telling you if they are more or less, How would you take that'? H- Fine as long as you still want to be with me. M- Well that brings another great question! Do you want to be with me ? H- Yes.

So at this point i once poured out my feelings telling him.... M- I just don't want to be someone you just settle for .I want you to want me like you did before and not for less. H-"I just don't know what to say" me in my head (WHAT!?) so i said... M- See (his name) that's not going to cut it that answer gives me nothing but more confusion, so the last text i sent him was " How about i don't text you for a few days and let you think what you really want or really want to say more then just IDK WHAT TO SAY so if by WED i don't hear from you i'll know ,I just don't want to be wondering . Never txt saying okay or anything so we are on Tuesday got one more day.

So can anyone please tell me what to think. I have a clue of what i'm feeling and thinking and what this might mean but i would like some input please. Than you! P.S I have been single for 5 1/2 years now dedicated my time to my son and myself i'm just looking for love once again.

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