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I'm so confused...

I have been w my bf 4 yrs and everything is great always has been. But! In the beginning of course sex was great, it's been great until about 8 months ago. I moved in w him which has been wonderful. We get along so well. He's very affectionate as in holding hands hugging kissing me coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around me telling me he loves me he appreciates me. I mean wonderful. .I use to weigh 200 lbs and I lost 50 pretty quick.

But I started noticing that I was giving oral to him Alot which I love I didn't mind..I got mine. Then it started to be hardly anything. Like 2 weeks would go by then I say something we'd have sex and it would be great. But I asked him one night why? What? What is going on and why don't we have sex or oral whatever..He actually said my stomach was unattractive because of the loose skin. And that's why we hadn't been or he hasn't wanted to. I got upset told him I was sorry for wanting to lose weight and feel better about myself. He said I needed to go to the gym.

Well after that covo the next morning we had sex great sex then the next day and for the week we did. So everything was great again and I was confused but I didn't want to talk about it anymore since it was good. That lasted a few months and we r back to the 2 week thing. And this time we started and he didn't get hard all the way and came in 1 min orally. And he said oh shit and laid down. I didn't say anything but he got up dressed and walked out.

Yea not feeling good at this moment so I get up and start my day and he comes in like nothing happened. This whole thing is just confusing.Is it really I have become unattractive to him? I know he lives me he spends every minute with me when we arent working and we have fun laugh..I just don't understand.

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