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“I'm unsure of my husband”

I'm unsure of my husband. He had been doing gym for over a yr. I trusted him. End of last year he started a gym class called hiit. There was only girls. I didn't worry at first. He ended up being late once I felt faint. Don't know if this was true or a lie. A few weeks later he came bk from that class and took his wedding ring on two occasions showing me his finger with no ring. I am a person hides my emotions. I had a row on valentines day and cut up his roses. I noticed he txt someone and hid in the toilet (deleting evidence)He said I was paranoid. When I said I don't want him doing this class he gave me an evil glare.

My friends think that he is selfish. He liked the class, but i still let him go to ordinary gym. Was he cheating or potentially cheating?. After the row he is only half into me. Now he has problems with work with work load and acting distant. I don't know whether or not to stay or go. He's not wanting sex at the moment due to stress. I was going to walk out on valentines day. Another time he didn't give me much affection I was going to have a break had my bag packed and toothpaste brush I was going to stay in a hotel for a few nights but he stopped me he was more affectionate for a few days. I have two young children. I don't know what to do! I love him but i don't like the changed him. I had tummy pains he never cuddled me one day. What is wrong with him.

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