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I kinda want to see other people but I love my girlfriend

Recently I’ve been having a lot of issues regarding my anxiety with my relationship. My girlfriend is a sweet caring and loving person, and loves me for who I am, and we’ve been together for over three and a half years, and she is my first everything, I’ve been with a few other people but not as serious.

I love my girlfriend so much ,but these feelings that I’m having are eating me alive, I’ve been seeing a counselor to try and help and I’m on medication for my anxiety and depression. I will have moments when these feelings overcome me and I’ll feel as if there’s no other way around this than to just break up with her, but then the way I’ve always felt about her is still there and I would never want to leave her nor would I want to know what it’s like to be without her, or hurt her. I’m just really confused about this whole thing, and if I could I’d press a button to get rid of this want and continue my relationship with her. Her family loves me and I love them, and same goes for her and my family.

My girlfriend knows that I’ve been having doubts because I hate hiding things from her because I feel like I’m lying to her and I tell her everything, she was a little upset about it but she’s been nothing but supportive of me and the things I’ve been doing to try and feel better, because all she wants is for me to feel better again.

I just want to know what I should do, and how I should approach this situation.

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