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“Boyfriend couldn't cope with my depression”

My boyfriend dumped me out of the blue in December. He has since admitted that it is because he could not cope with my depression – over the past year my illness has got worse and I also self-harm. Only a week before he left me I had confided in him how low I was feeling and that I felt I needed to get help... how he thought breaking my heart would help I do not know!!

I have since tried to take my life and have reached an all-time low. I have moved back into my parents' home (I am 26 and had been living with my ex-boyfriend for a year but we had been together for 8 years!!) and I am now getting professional help.

My ex knows all this and we are in contact every day – he says he wants to stay in contact and help me get better. He even came to see me last week and he looked a mess so clearly this has not been easy on him. I am hoping as I get better we might be able to work things out – am I mad? If I ever mention us getting back together he says it is too much too soon and that he doesn't know what he wants... I just want him back.

If anyone has been through anything similar your story or advice would be appreciated... thanks.

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