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“Sexually frustrated female”

I honestly did not think this day would come but I am in a sexless relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and half. Sex-wise we were doing great but things started to slow down and now have stopped for the past three months. Here are some things I/we tried: 1. Asking him to speak to someone about his depression - he said he didn't want to waste his money. 2. Speak to a doctor - he went for a check up and said everything was okay (although I'm skeptical about this) 3. Communicate - he said he's just too stressed and tired or in pain from work 4. All little booze - we started but he said he was too tired to continue 5. Me outright asking him - he was very passive about it and then said he will eventually He also has a pretty unhealthy lifestyle for someone approaching his 30s with some weight gain. I feel like I'm trying my best to be patient and he keeps saying things, but not following up with actions. Our relationship also lacks intimacy because he says he not "deep" like that. So I don't have much to replace the lack of sex. It is almost like we are friends... kissing also almost never happens unless I initiate it. I really don't know where to go from here... I cannot even say if this is legitimate reason to break up. Does anyone have any insight?

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