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My boyfriend doesn't feel romantic feelings anymore

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 7 years. We've had quite the unique relationship. We started dating at the end of high school, and in our first year he went to Thailand to study his TEFL and he was away for 6 months. We worked through it and after that, he came forward to me that he actually has depression and it did get to a point that he was too proud to seek help until I approached that I'd leave if he didn't get help. He eventually did and it was a rocky road for him to find the correct medication etc.

In 2019, he went to university as he finally saved the money he needed and also got the bursary he wanted. It was long distance again but it's what he wanted and I told him it would work out not matter what. I decided to move to the same city as him in 2020 because I was having family issues and I needed to move out anyways.

In 2020, lockdown hit and he had to go back home. University was miserable for him because he felt he was forced into something he didn't want to study. Later in 2020, he did a suicide attempt in which he was admitted. I think this is what finally broke him that this isn't the life he wanted and he wanted to fight this.

Cutting to now, he found the correct medication and he's doing so well! We decided on a city to live in and now he just doesn't feel romantic feelings anymore. I don't understand this? Upon telling friends as I needed support, they were all relieved saying I deserve better and they didn't like him anyways because of the stress he put me through. Is that all they really see about him? There's more to him than that. Depression wasn't his fault and I chose to stay because I felt in my heart it was right.

He's coming today to talk about things and to try second chance this but if all works out, I'm scared to be letting my friends down. But I feel no one outside the relationship understands fully what it's like. Yes those years him battling depression was hard and it was total agony but is it not enough that he's better and he's doing well for himself? My family said he's put my life on hold but has he really? He's always encouraged me in everything I do in terms of my studies and career path. I'm really stuck here...

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