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“Long distance lack of affection”

My boyfriend is not the kind of guy who gives flowers, chocolates, etc. But he does give me his time. We are in a long distance relationship. We often talk to each other at night just to catch up and just simply... talk. Lately, I've been asking myself if he really do love me. He says he does but I think deep inside me, I am doubting. We've been together for a year and three months now. Sometimes, I just want to be treated the way other girlfriends are treated. With sweetness and effort. I want unexpected visits and flowers, too.

But I can't say this to him. And it has been bothering me ever since. The lack of sweetness on his part makes me doubt his feelings for me and this reflects on my attitude towards him. This is affecting our relationship, greatly. Am I in the wrong here? Am I just being materialistic? Can I really base the depth of his love with a few chocolates and flowers? I feel bad for even thinking about it. I need help and advice. :'(

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